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Coming Fall 2020

4 Garrett Lane, Princeton, NJ

Set on a 3.23 acre wooded and secluded lot, yet minutes away from downtown Princeton. Contemporary, open floor design. Oversized windows. 5900 sf. finished space. 5 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms. Guest suite on the 1st floor.. Walk-out basement. 3 car garage.

Accel Difference

Accel homes are built out of a high-tech, superior alternative to traditional "stick-built" framing: REVPANEL system by ThermaSteel. This composite building system is exceptional in many ways, and facilitates construction of Zero Energy homes. 


70,000+ projects in 28 countries have benefitted from American-Made REVEPANELs. 


Accel Building is now honored to offer a better, stronger, safer, and healthier home to you:

Energy Efficient

Homeowners save up to 70% in energy costs.


Virtually Maintenance Free

Due to improved dimensional stability, steel walls do not shift, crack or warp. Since steel is not susceptible to humidity, there will be no mold, mildew, or decay.



The panels allow for the effective use of air filtration systems, minimizing the effect of pollutants. This means no carcinogens, pathogens, mold, or allergens.



Steel can’t catch fire or create smoke. The insulating component of the panel is fire retardant. Both facts result in a superior fire rating. The steel frame structure is lightening resistant.



Due to the superior strength and dimensional stability of our building system, your home will be safer in a hurricane, tornado, earthquake, or flood. 


Environmentally Friendly

REVPANELs are made with recycled materials and the entire system itself is completely recyclable. It takes 100 trees to build a 1500 sf. home. Our system only requires steel from 2 recycled cars.



Reduced sound conduction rates result in improved acoustics.


Termite Deterrent

Termites cause more damage than fire, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes combined! REVPANELS use steel and expanded polystyrene - neither of which are of nutritional value to termites.

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